I've seen the recommendation to switch to slow flow nipples to help the transition from bottle to breast. My baby girl typically eats 60mL (2 oz) at each feeding. With the slow flow nipple she eats 10mL in the span of 15mins and then goes to sleep. She's only eaten 1 full meal with a slow flow nipple & it took about 30 mins. Any other time, she just sort of sucks at it and doesn't get much, if anything. We finally just give up and go back to the faster flow nipples she is accustomed to. I feel like if we could fix the flow problem, breastfeeding would come a lot easier! Is this normal for a preemie to be unable to get a real meal with a slow flow nipple? Do I just have to keep offering the slow flow with every meal, or is it just not going to work for us? As it is, we're attempting to bf, then bottlefeeding, & then I'm trying to pump (and after all that and as a busy mom of 3 kids, I'm missing my every 3 hr pumping session as it is!)