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Thread: We're weaned...

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    Karen I just saw this what an excellent mama you are, with all the food restrictions you had and all the detective work you had to do to figure everything out, you're awesome! Kaitlyn is such a sweet girl and the bond you share and will aways share is amazing. Godd Job Mama!

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    Congrats Karen! What an amazing and selfless thing nursing her as long as you did for your dd benefit.

    I remember when Bennett weaned, I was a total basket case of emotions. I felt guilty for ditching him on the 'allergy' train and being able to eat whatever I wanted. But at the same time, it was soooooo nice to be able to go somewhere without either packing all of my food or calling ahead to a restaurant, researching menu's, etc...

    I was a little nervous that our relationship would change. It really didn't change things much. He was (and is) still my little man.

    Kaitlyn is so lucky to have you for her mama!!!

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