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Thread: We're weaned...

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    Default We're weaned...

    The last time Kaitlyn nursed was on Monday morning. We had been down to one session/day, first thing in the morning, for a few weeks. On Tuesday she didn't ask at all, then on Wednesday she asked once, but was easily distracted with no tears. On Thursday she sort of asked halfheartedly, then didn't ask at all yesterday or this morning.

    I'm happy with how we weaned, because there were literally no tears; it all happened so easily and gradually that the timing just felt right.

    I am definitely having some hormonal fluctuations here and there, and moments where it feels kind of bittersweet. The other day I went out to dinner with a friend and it was the oddest feeling, being able to order anything off the menu. I just hope I can always remember what it felt like to nurse my first-born baby girl from newborn to toddler.

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    You will always remember it. Sounds like you did everything at the perfect pace for both of you.
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    Congrats!!! But don't count those chickens too quickly. I've been there a few times already. This morning DS asked again after several WEEKS of not asking. Really asked too, like got very upset when I didn't give in right away. So I let him try - I think he's forgotten how at this point though, so it didn't go anywhere.

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    awww!! you'll have these wonderful memories forever!
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    Default Re: We're weaned...

    so sweet.
    great job mama!!!!!!!!
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    Gently, and with love Mama. Sounds perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jessruff View Post

    Gently, and with love Mama. Sounds perfect.

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    Great job on a very gentle weaning!!! Sounds very much like our weaning.
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    that is just how we weaned-so gentle and peaceful. Cooper never really did ask to nurse, it was like he knew just what day he was going to stop!
    Congrats on a great journey, and for doing all you did for your DDs allergies!!

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    Wow GJ! Congrats on the milestone!

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