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Thread: Yucky milk???

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    Hi, I am weaning my 9 month old (his choice- not mine- He refuses to latch on.) and there is almost no milk left except sticky, discolored (orangish) junk that tastes horrible. Is this normal? It has been over a week since our last breastfeeding session, but I still feel "full". Could this be an infection?

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    As you wean, it's normal for your milk to change its consistency and color- mine has become much thicker and tastes salty, like heavily salted butter. However, if your milk tastes not just salty but really yucky, there may be some sort of infection going on, in which case you may need to get that yucky stuff out, either by nursing (if you can convince your baby to do it), or by pumping.

    Was your baby nursing pretty well before his abrupt detour into weaning? If so, you may be experiencing a nursing strike rather than weaning.

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