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Thread: olive oil safe for baby?

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    Default olive oil safe for baby?

    Is it safe to use olive oil on nipples and areola while pumping. I have large nipples and have already purchased extra large breast shields but nipples still rub a little bit. Olive oil seems to work better than lanolin to lubricate and it is easier to clean. Just wondering if a tiny bit gets mixed with milk if that will be ok for baby.
    Thanks, Daisie

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    I don't know for sure about the reaction with milk, but my mil covered all her children and my dd when she has her in olive oil. She thinks its the curall. I amsure some of them ingested some when they were little and seem to be okay. That doesn't really answer your question, does it?

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    Default Re: olive oil safe for baby?

    The baby will be fine. I use olive oil to lubricate the breast shield when pumping and it hasn't caused any problems. I even donate my milk to the milk bank. It's such a small amount the might get in the milk. If you search the forum, I'm sure you'll hear the same thing as I started doing that after reading it on a post on this board. Do what works for you.
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    Default Re: olive oil safe for baby?

    Thanks, you've put my mind at ease

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    Default Re: olive oil safe for baby?

    Olive Oil is safe for babies. My lactation consultant recommended using it as a lubricant for pumping. She assured me that it's fine for babies.

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    Default Re: olive oil safe for baby?

    Just a quick question... What size sheilds did you get? I know you said extra large but there are actually TWO extra large sizes (medela goofed and labled them BOTH XL)... The sizes are 24 mm (standard), 27 mm (large), 30 mm (extra large) and 36mm (also labled extra large). I HAVE to use the 36 mm.. The 30 mm still rubs me. If you don't already have the 36 mm (and I'm guessing probably not as you probably got them BRU and they usually don't carry that size), try those and see if it helps.

    But no, olive oil is just fine for babies. So littler gets into the milk anyway!

    Good luck and happy pumping!

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