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Thread: Can I get my milk back?

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    Question Can I get my milk back?

    My son is almost 7 mo and I have become a SAHM 2 weeks ago. I had been working full time and pumping from the time he was 2.5 mo. I used a hospital pump for all but the last month but saw my supply diminish. I tried herbs but my son doesn't tolerate them. He has been supplemented with formula for the last few months and the situation just keeps getting worse - I'm getting less and less and dealing with him impatient for let down. The icing on the cake is he is on a weight watch by the ped because he only gained 2 oz between his 4 & 6 mo check-ups. Dropping him from the 50% to 10%. He did still gain height and HC.

    I do have a Medela Pump in Style Advanced, but I'm not sure of the best timing and how to handle getting back on track. My ideal situation would be to have him EBF for his liquid intake - I really want to get rid of the formula if I can.

    DD's Stats at 6 mo: 14# 15.75 oz; 26.5"
    Outputs 1-2 wets per feed (6-7) and 1 stool/day

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    Is it better to pump right after I feed him or wait an hour or 2?

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    When I am buiding up my supply I usually pump an hour after nursing, I get more that way and I can then supplement with the BM instead of formula. That's just what works for us! Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*chemgirl View Post
    Is it better to pump right after I feed him or wait an hour or 2?
    Whichever you choose will be helpful! Here's a link which may be helpful:
    Weaning from Formula Supplements
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    Thank you for the advise, I will try to pump as frequently as I can. The good news is that he gained a substantial amount in the last three weeks , so the Dr. isn't concerned with the weight - now I can just focus on my supply so I can get rid of the formula.

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