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Thread: How lazy can I be?

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    Default How lazy can I be?

    I'm still not offering LO foods every day. She just turned 8 months. When I do, I give her a banana in the AM and 4 days a week or so, a veggie at night. That's all really. Am I too lazy? Lay it on me please.
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    Default Re: How lazy can I be?

    I feel ya. I can barely gather enough enthusiasm to feed myself much less lo . Ds is almost 9 months and I have made myself offer him breakfast or lunch(depends when he wakes up) and a veggie/fruit for supper. I just dont look forward to cleaning the mess after

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    Default Re: How lazy can I be?

    We were never really consistent with Lance's meals. Half the time he didn't want to eat solids anyway, so if he didn't, he didn't. No reason to rush.

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    Default Re: How lazy can I be?

    I felt the same way! I was never really consistent about it either and DD really didn't seem to care!
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    Default Re: How lazy can I be?

    The only meal we were really consistent about was dinner for the first few months. Mostly because we were sitting down to eat as well! It's not necessary bm makes up their food for the first year, until then Solids are just for fun!

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    Default Re: How lazy can I be?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*meganbeth View Post
    It's not necessary bm makes up their food for the first year, until then Solids are just for fun!
    Being relaxed about solids does not mean you're being lazy! Offering solids more aggressively is really only for moms who plan on weaning at or around 1 year, and who need their babies to be familiar with solid foods and ready to transition to an all-solids diet at a relatively early date.

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    Default Re: How lazy can I be?

    I just offered DS part of whatever I was preparing for myself (BLS), I never went out of my way to make him special stuff. And now he eats whatever we do!
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    Default Re: How lazy can I be?

    I agree with the pp's too. I was very lazy about food for Adria. So she ate tidbits of what we ate. She now is a very happy, healthy 3 1/2 year old that eats ANYTHING. She has a very healthy appetite and will try anything once.

    But like everyone else said there really is no rush. Adria weaned herself at 15 months so then we just gave her bigger portions of what we ate.

    Side note: as my laziness dissipated I would make her special batches of oatmeal and sweet potatoes - just for her. She loved it!!!! I must admit I had a hard time keeping out of it myself....

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    Default Re: How lazy can I be?

    I think at about that age we started offering "dinner" pretty regularly. A lot of that was because we were all sitting down for dinner together and we'd put something on DS place mat for him to eat (or not). Since we were doing BLS this was often something we were eating. Or I'd make a batch of steamed veggies and have them in the fridge to be able to quickly pull out a couple of things for DS to explore and maybe eat. If he didn't actually eat anything we didn't care.

    I think for us doing dinners like this was less about DS "needing" to eat and more about starting to get in the habit of doing a family dinner all together and introducing DS to the social aspect of meals.

    This did require DH and I to make some changes - we now eat dinner earlier to better meet DS schedule, and it was also the end of me and DH eating dinner on the sofa while watching TV. On the plus side - it was the start of eating better meals (such as always having a veggie) so we can model for DS good eating habits.
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