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Thread: ug help plz!

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    Default ug help plz!

    when i pump, i ususally get about 4-5 oz on one side or the other.. the last couple days i've onlyb een getting 2 oz .. i'm confused,. i've been drinking lots of water, keeping up with baby wants but when i go to pump, i cna't pump the 4-5 oz i normally get.. i've been gettin in the swimming pool we have with nathan and jordon and getting them both used to the water and in the process i get sunburnt.. LOL..

    anyways,.. idk what i did to suddenly get that low of a drop in my pumping supply.. i use a playtex manual.. i haven't had a problem until now.. i replaced all the parts like the piston and the lil plastic thingy that holds the milk whenever u had a let down.. to see if that was the problem, but i still only got that amount.. i put a warm cloth on before sometimes during my pumping to help loosen up tings..

    i have ot go outta town for 2 days and where i'm going i can't BF bc i'm going to be bowling (going to a tournemnt) so i was hoping to get a couple bottles per day, but at hte rate i'm going, i'm not ever going to have enough...

    do i need to take something to up my supply? does that effect the hind milk/formilk thing? what have i done wrong?

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    Default Re: ug help plz!

    How old is your LO?

    Are you EP'ing?

    Pumping supply can be affected by a million things, and unfortunately, it is very common to have reduced supply after a while with the pump. Our bodies don't respond to a pump like they respond to a baby.

    You could try this site here for more info.

    Good luck mama.
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    Default Re: ug help plz!

    Sometimes your supply will take a temporary dip if it's your time of the month. Adding in a night session, if you're not already doing this, might help.

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