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Thread: painful lump during ovulation?

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    Default painful lump during ovulation?

    My son stopped nursing 2 weeks ago. He is now 20 months old. We were at the end of a mense (3rd or 4th since his birth) when he started refusing to nurse. Starting this past Tuesday I was getting intense ovulation pain, something I was not accustomed to. Then a few days later I noticed a lump in the right breast that has been becoming increasingly painful to the touch.

    I've done some quick reading here and elsewhere. Sounds like
    **why/when: post weaning lumps are pretty common whether from changes in hormones or problems with milk ducts. But it also seemed it was most likely right before mensing rather than 8 days after mensing (my menses have been 5-6 weeks apart).
    **home treatment: moist heat, massage, cabbage leaves, and avoidance of caffeine (including chocolate) may help--sure wish I had read about that last one earlier this week before I worked through a bag of M&Ms! A friend recently mentioned the helpfulness of olive leaf oil with all sorts of problems, including her own recent bout with mastitis.
    **doctor: some sites indicate it a good idea to wait a full cycle before going to a doctor, but when there to expect an exam, and perhaps an imaging and/or biopsy.

    Other tidbits... I believe it was the right breast that hurt when nursing during mensing. It was enough so that the last day or two of the last mense, his last days of nursing, I did not offer that side.

    Has anyone else experienced painful lumps during ovulation rather than just prior a mense? Any other thoughts, suggestions? Of course people will be hesitant to say wait to see a doctor, but how long did you wait or rather how long before it cleared? Outside of massage and moist heat what did you find the most helpful?

    Thank you ladies!

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    Default Re: painful lump during ovulation?

    Since your son just weaned, I'd be more likely to suspect that your lump- which sounds like a plugged duct- is related to weaning, and not so much to your menstrual cycle.

    If the lump is a plugged duct, then the treatment is generally to try your darndest to get the milk out. A nursing baby usually does a pretty good job of clearing plugs, but if your child is totally weaned and you prefer it that way, then a pump or hand-expression is probably a good idea.

    While you deal with this, stay alert for signs of mastitis: fever, chills, flu-like symptoms. If you have any of those, get to your doctor ASAP for some antibiotics.

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    Default Re: painful lump during ovulation?

    Just a line to say thank you. A night or two later as I changed for bed I realized I wasn't as tender as before. I massaged, and it finished clearing. The last and only other time I had a plugged duct was nearly 7 years ago; I just didn't remember what it felt like.

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