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Thread: Right Breast produces more...is this normal?

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    Default Right Breast produces more...is this normal?


    My right breast produces A LOT more milk than my left. I would get so engorged in some spots that I thought they were clogs, but I went to my doc and he said there weren't any clogs.

    My left side feels great all of the time....but my right gets so engorged before the next feeding. And at night...OMG....it fills up so fast and hurts so bad. My baby only wakes up twice to nurse at night (he is 5 weeks)...and therefore my right side doesn't always get drained. Last night I had to wake up twice just to pump off a little (less than an oz) just to get relief (I don't want to get clog ducts or mastitis).

    Does anyone has suggestions to get the right to produce less and even out with the left? I was pumping to drain the breast when I thought I had clogs. But now, when my baby nurses on the left, I pump on the right just enough to get relief (about 2 oz)....I am hoping that sends the message to only produce what I need and not more. Is this right or should I be doing something else.


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    Default Re: Right Breast produces more...is this normal?

    I have no suggestions for how to even them out, but I can tell you that this is absolutely normal. I do the same thing and just let it be that way. I do alternate which side I start on each time and it just continues this way. It's just fine and from what I have found all Mom's have this same issue. When I pump, I noticed that I will produce 3 ounces on the right to my 1 1/2 on the left.

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    Default Re: Right Breast produces more...is this normal?

    if you're trying to get one side to produce less, pumping out the milk will actually do the opposite. if you absolutely HAVE to pump, take out just enough to feel more comfortable, and try to make that less than an ounce. to increase your comfort, try putting a cold pack or cabbage leaves on the engorged side in between feedings. my left side routinely produces 50% more than my left, so it's perfectly normal for that to happen! good luck!
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    I'm having the same problem, but with the left side! It has an overactive letdown too so my son is refusing it when it's so full. I am going to try cabbage leaves on that side to try to decrease the production. I just don't want to lose it all. Good luck! Let me know what workds for you!

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    Default Re: Right Breast produces more...is this normal?

    I had the same problem but when I began to pay attention I realized I always began feeding dd on the right side therefore it was getting drained and the left side was not getting fully drained bc she would get full. I began to try to start a feeding more often on my left side and that has evened me out some.
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