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Thread: How to start solids?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*duckpond View Post
    Oh, and we tried at 6 months, and he wasn't ready. He didn't really start eating food every day until he was maybe 9-10 months, and even then, it was only once a day.

    We started OFFERING DS foods doing BLS soon after 6 mo (he showed all signs of readiness). He was interested in exploring food and even got some into his mouth, but he didn't REALLY start eating until he was more like 8.5 or 9 mo old.

    We'd just offer food once a day so DS had the exposure and let him do things at his own pace.
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    We did solids in the evening b/c i was working and wanted to be there...

    One thing I wish I would have done is brush his teeth afterwards, from the beginning. We learned a hard lesson because we did not.

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*joshua.smom View Post
    I still think at 23lbs at 6 months he's not missing anything.
    That's for sure!!

    We did BLS, and it worked great for us. DS is one of the least picky children I know - at 19mo he will eat almost anything we do, as long as there isn't too much hot pepper in it!
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    Hi Joshua's Mom,

    I have always had issues with "insecurites", and second guessing myself. My daughter is 3 1/2 now (she is my one and only), and she is happy, healthy, and eats anything. She breastfed until she was 15 months and weaned herself. I allowed myself to be pressured into getting some of her vaccinations (OMG the guilt I have felt, and the need to forgive myself), and I regret it to this day. But unfortunately, having a child is the same as life itself - you learn as you go. You will make mistakes. But you learn from them, you move on, and you try not to make them again.

    I have learned to always take "advice" from other people with a grain of salt. They are of course thinking they're helping, but your instinct as a mother is rock solid. You know what's best, and if your gut is telling you to go against the grain, trust it. That instinct is there for a reason. We have not done things "conventionally" and have ofcourse taken flack for it, but Adria is the proof in the pudding! She's happy, healthy, vibrant, no allergies, no health problems, intelligent and beautiful.

    ~ Peggie

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