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Thread: So sad.

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    You shouldn't feel like a failure- on the contrary, you should feel like the world's best mama!!! And even though your LO seems done, you never know- she may want to nurse again. (My kid has been weaned for over a month and last night she wanted to nurse- I'm the one who said "no.")

    Give yourself a big pat on the back for a job phenomenally well-done, and go out and buy yourself a really nice bra. You've earned it!

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    Default Re: So sad.

    I would be sad too, but you are certainly not a failure!
    Based on your description, I wonder if she might be getting molars or have an undiagnosed ear infection, or something that is making nursing uncomfortable for her right now. Just a thought...here's an LLL article that might help:
    Is Baby Weaning or Is It a Nursing Strike?


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