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Thread: Is my milk lost forever?

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    Default Is my milk lost forever?

    I spent the last 2 months pumping extra milk for my now 7 month old. I was away from him for 5 days/4 nights. He had plenty of milk for the duration of my time away from him. (He is still 100% breastfed - very stubborn when it comes to the transition to solids)

    I brought a pump with me so I could maintain my supply while away from him. Long story short: the pump did not work. I manually expressed milk the entire time I was gone, though not nearly as much as he would have consumed during that time....enough to keep me from being engorged and presumably enough to keep the milk flowing.

    I've been back for about 36 hours now and my supply is severely diminished. Baby's overnight wet diaper was hardly wet at all. I know he's not getting enough milk and I am scared that my supply is depleted forever, long before he or I is ready to stop feedings.

    Other than putting him to breast frequently, what can I do? Is my milk gone forever?

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    Default Re: Is my milk lost forever?

    No it's not gone forever. It's supply and demand. So it might take you a week or two of really intense nursing to see some improvement, but it will come back! Keep nursing as much as you can and keep an eye on those diapers, you might consider pumping (with a working pump of course) in addition to nursing just to speed up the process a bit.

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    Don't lose hope! - it might take time and a lot of work to get it back (pumping a lot in addition to feeding all the time), but at that stage your system is probably able to bounce back from something like that. Keep an eye on those diapers, and do only the minimum amount of supplementing you can get away with, while making sure baby is fed (starting with the milk you pump).

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    with pps. Also, could you take a "nursing vacation" for at least one day this weekend? That's what I did when my supply plummeted (due to craziness at work/lack of pumping). Close the blinds, take off your shirt, put your baby in just a dipe, and hold/cuddle/nurse all day. The skin-to-skin contact when you're not nursing will help a lot, too. You could also wear baby belly-to-belly in a wrap/sling.
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