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Thread: Milk Supply still a ton at 5 months pp.

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    Default Milk Supply still a ton at 5 months pp.

    I feel like I have way too much milk still and Owen is 5 months. I'm also nursing Emma, 2 1/2 yrs twice a day. I get really full and uncomfortable and it seems like the longer period of time I wear Owen in the Moby Wrap, the more uncomfortable I get - in both breasts, even if I've fed him off one recently. This afternoon and tonight my left breast was really sore and had a hard spot, I'm assumming it is a plugged duct, despite nursing Owen off it twice. So tonight I had Emma nurse from it figuring she's a much more efficient nurser and takes more in, and while there's no hard spot, it's still sore. What can I do to get my supply in better balance? I'm tired of having sore breasts!
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    Emmalynn Marie
    Born at 37 weeks on 12/22/06
    5lbs 1oz 19 1/2in

    Owen Charles
    Born at 29 wks 6 days on 01/17/09
    2lbs 14oz 15in
    In NICU for 2 months

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    Default Re: Milk Supply still a ton at 5 months pp.

    i don't have much advice, but wanted to sympathize, as my supply seems to have gotten worse past 6 months, we're at 6.5, and it seems my breasts are always getting full, no matter what time of day or night. I've always had a large supply, but I've been getting engorged more often. I think it has to do with my lo learning how to crawl and not wanting to nurse as much during the day. I am just waiting for them to level out! Does anyone know what we can do, but that won't hurt our supply?

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    Default Re: Milk Supply still a ton at 5 months pp.

    I would probably try block feeding first and see how that goes for you. If anyone reading doesn't know what that entails it's pretty simple really.
    You nurse only one side for a block of time, so in a 3 hour block you'd nurse ONLY on your right side no matter how many times you nursed. Then the next 3 hours you only nurse on the other side. Depending on the frequency your nursing that might be a larger/smaller block of time.

    The idea is to start small and work up to what's working. Give small changes a few days/week to see what you've got, asses and then decide where to go from there.

    I remember the plugged duct being REALLY sore at least a couple of days after it had been cleared - just keep an eye on her for another one!

    I hope that helps! There are other ways to lower supply but that's about the least drastic of them all.

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