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Thread: poop and rash question

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    Default poop and rash question

    hi everyone,
    my daughter is almost 7 months and i started solids about 3 weeks ago. we're doing purees for this 1st month. so far, she's had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and squash. i usually mix the cereal with a veggie and more veggies and less cereal.

    anyhow, my question is that what is the poop supposed to look like? i know it's supposed to be peanut butter like but is it supposed to be formed? my daughter had a couple of formed ones today. they aren't super hard or anything, but... she also hasn't been nursing well and so when i see that i usually skip the solids for a day. she's also only eating once a day, about a few tablespoons worth of food.

    second question is that she's been having this rash on her neck off and on. i think it's heat related but could it also be due to solids? how do i know? what are most rashes due to solids like?

    thanks in advance.

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    LO here has been eating very inconsistently for the last 3 months..and she's almost 9 months! Anyway..her poops have been a little "chunked" in a PB fashion..the more solids she eats, and then likewise when I don't feed her solids they go back to normal, so they sound normal to me! Also she tends to get ahold of paper here and there..and eats it! Only little pieces, but still, so every now and then that is also to be found in her poopy
    So about the rash thing though..LO hasn't had any food allergies that I know of, but I must chime in and say that she has a rash on the back of her neck from shoulder to shoulder...BF and I concluded that we thought it was from the heat, because she sweats ALOT in her car seat, and since all of the humidity..that's when it became alot worse. Then I had my sister who has 3 kids take a look at it and she felt certain as well it was a heat rash..I feel like I read that if they are having an allergy to a food they would get a rash all over..or maybe it could be in one spot? Not to worry though..worst case you could just ring your doc and ask them what they think. GOODluck!
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    When DS started solids I was using an iron fortified rice cereal and it gave him fairly hard poops (they weren't pellets but close). The doc said they were ok and it was from the iron, but he strained to get them out and he looked really uncomfortable. I started mixing a little bit of prunes in with his cereal and whatever I was giving him with it (only 1/2 a tsp or so) and it made the poop alot softer again. I also used ebm to water it down and that helped too! My other DS had a milk protein allergy and had a rash all over his cheeks. It was almost like scabs and it was hard. It looked like dermatitis or excema. The doc said it was a reaction to the milk protien. I dont know if that is what the reactions to solids would look like or not A good place to ask would be on the allergy forum. Good luck
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