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    my son (my first baby) will be 4 months old on 7-1. He has been breastfed the whole time, not a drop of formula or cereal. He started sleeping through the night about a month ago, at least most nights. If I pump milk I tend to get more out of my left breast than the right, usually an ounce to an ounce and a half more, which I tended to feed him from the left than the right so that's my own fault. For a while now when I start off feeding him on the right side I get a dull ache feeling behind my left nipple for the first 30 seconds or so that he is on the opposite side which i just attributed to like a "missed" let down since he wasn't feeding on that side. I don't have that feeling when he's on the left breast nursing though. I've checked him for thrush and can't see any in his mouth, my breast isn't tender or warm or feel inflamed that I can tell. What brought me to post is that for the last week or so when ever I put him on the left breast during the day he'll suck for maybe 10 seconds or so, unlatch and squirm and wiggle (he's just figured out how to roll from his back to front in the last couple of weeks...diaper changes are getting interesting LOL). He'll do this repeatedly until i give up and put him on the other breast, then he's fine and doesn't squirm and will settle down and eat. When he does this I've tried "closing up shop" on the left side and have him sit up for 30 seconds or so, he knows the "snapping" sound fromt he clasps on my nursing bras, then try to put him back on the left breast,and that doesn't seem to work either to get him to settle down and eat from that side. I don't know if just now he is favoring the right side or exploring his independence since he's figured out how to roll over. He does it a few times at night before bed but is usually tired and will settle down and eat and not give me problems. If I swaddle him when it's cold he doesn't unlatch at all but seeing as how it's summer I don't have many times to swaddle him and it's not possible to do it every feeding during the day. He's not much into having his arms restricted with the blankets. Any ideas on what this could be? Or how to get him to stop squirming when feeding from my left side?
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    Hi there! Not MUCH to offer here..except for the fact that when LO here started learning how to roll over (and now crawl!!) she would seem to prefer one side over the other..and still does actually, she usually rolls to the left, so it makes it really tricky! I haven't really found a way to fix this issue..except for sometimes when we are laying down to nurse, she will try to roll over alot..so after minutes of this I finally sit up with her and just nurse her that way (cradling her) instead of laying and her urge to roll seems to pretty much goes away and she is usually able to fall asleep..but unless she's REALLY tired lately its been about an hour or so excursion at bedtime. (Me switching sides every 5 minutes!!) LOL Goodluck!
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