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Thread: weaning help/milk issues

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    Hi, I've recently stopped breastfeeding my almost 12 month old. Since then, I am having major supply problems (I'm still producing too much.) I was only breastfeeding about 2xday when I stopped, so I didn't expect these problems. I was pumping on and off to relieve pressure, but haven't done so since Sunday. I've tried cabbage, sage tea, ice packs, sudafed...almost everything you can think and even though my breasts have softened, I still have 2 large lumps! I've called my doctor and they have advised a tight bra with no pumping. I've weaned before and never had these problems, so I have a hard time believing this is "normal" - even though my GYN office says it is normal. Can someone help? I am absolutely miserable!

    Alli W.

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    This may sound totally crazy...but it really helped me when I had mastitis. I had access to a hot tub and would sit in front of a jet and let it hit directly over the lump in my breast. II didn't put the jets on high but they were going hard enough to break up the lump. I have had mastitis once and then later developed lumps in the same area when I dropped a feeding and the jets helped, I think. But, like I said, it may sound totally crazy.

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    Default Re: weaning help/milk issues - long post

    This sounds just like what I am going thru. Today is a week since my DD (13 M) has nursed. Over the weekend, I had major engorgement on one side (other side was and is completely fine). Engorgement subsided, but left me with a long, lumpy ridge on the top of my breast. It was kind of like it was engorged still in that spot only. I think it may be a plugged duct? Anyway, I pumped and it really softened. My breast is still tender to the touch and a little sore all the way to the nipple, and I've felt a couple of twinges here and there. Anyway, I've been standing under the shower massager trying to prevent it from coming back, but I hope I'm doing what I'm supposed to. I just want to get over this hump! We're going on a family vacation next week and I'm scared that I may get mastitis. Although I've had it before and it clears up pretty easily.

    I did not have these problems at all with DD4. She nursed until 12 months and self-weaned. No engorgement issues at all. I thought this would be the same, because my DD13 M was only nursing once or twice a day. I guess we really preferred to nurse on the right side!!

    I wish I could nurse her again, but I should not, because I got a dental treatment last week (Zoom bleaching), and they said I could not nurse anymore. (I guess in case I ingested any of the bleaching agent, which I did not, but the procedure has not been tested on nursing mothers, so they say you can't do it, period.) I agreed to go thru with it because we had been slowing weaning anyway, and from my previous experience, I had no complications.

    Sorry this is so long, but I have the same concerns and it's good to know that you're not alone! If anyone has any advice for me and the OP that would be great!

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