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    Hi...I have a couple questions about breastfeeding....my 4 week old can go about 3.5-4 hrs between feedings at night (sometimes a bit longer)....the problem is I wake up engorged after about 3 hrs. If I wake him, he does not want to eat (he falls asleep or just won't wake). So, I want to know how I can get my supply to match his needs, however I don't want to get clogged ducts by waiting to feed him. So, my question is after 3 hrs when I wake up because I am so engorged, should I pump just a little (enough to get relief) and then feed when my baby wakes up? Will this help my body to regulate to his needs or will this make me produce more and continue to feel engorged every 3 hrs (or sooner)?

    Please help,
    Thank you!

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    Yes, pumping just a bit to get relief is a good idea.

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    You may also have luck with hand expression. This way you don't have to fumble with pump parts in the middle of the night.

    There's a video here than shows some hand expression techniques.
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    Expressing just enough to get some relief is a good idea!

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    Hi there! I had this same issue with LO here.. I would pump just a little bit enough for relief (although I wish I had checked into the hand express because that would have been much easier!!!!!and quieter...) Not only that but I know it's better for baby to get their sleep anyway and let them do the waking to feed if needed. I just want to note that I ended up having an oversupply issue and an overactive let down because I was just producing so much! Goodnews.. it gets much better and actually at about 3 months little B was able to eat right through the fast let down without a problem.
    Btw I know it wasn't the pumping just enough for relief either that caused this..I just naturally produced alot! There's a way to help "fix" that though if it becomes an issue for ya.. Just a link to keep saved if ever needed! Hang in there! Overtime also you will just natually produce enough to your baby's needs..it's all in the wonderful works of nature!
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