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Thread: Baby has a stomach flu

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    I read on here earlier that if My doctor suggests we use pedialyte over breast milk not to do it and I totally agree and understand why but my concern now is that everytime my Girlfriend breastfeeds the baby she simply brings it back up and won't keep anything down really. I am very concerned and was wondering if anyone can give me some helpful advice as to what We should do for the baby and if there is anything foodwise that we can give her to help,also we were wondering if my girlfriend drinks more hydrating fluids like water and stuff like that if that will enable her to help that much more while breastfeeding?

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    how old is your lo? (little one) was she nursing well before before she got sick? how do they knew it is the stomach flu? did they check her for reflux or anything like that? i would suggest having your girlfriend drink plenty of water and cut out all dairy product, sometimes that can cause some irritation to the lo. let us know some more... what are her diaper outputs? wet/dirty in a 24 hr period. good work looking for some support and supporting your gf dad!!

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    When DS was sick with a stomach virus, I limited how much I would let him nurse at a time... too much on his stomach at once and he was sure to vomit. Give sips, let stomach settle, give more sips, let settle. Repeat as long as it takes.

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    and welcome!

    I'm so sorry your LO is ill. How old is your LO?

    As most on here will advise, b/m is the absolute best for a sick child. It has all the nutrients, vitamins, and "good stuff" to get your LO feeling better and hydrated. Even if your LO is vomiting, the b/m will be the best for their already sensitive stomach. I personally wouldn't give any kind of food to your LO if they are very young.

    Keep an eye on the diaper output and on your baby's "soft-spot" to see signs of dehydration. I'm willing to bet that she is keeping enough b/m down to keep her hydrated.

    As far as for momma, keep drinking plenty of water and eat your oatmeal! I don't know why, but eating oatmeal everyday really helps most women with their milk production. I can absolutely tell a difference if I miss a day.

    I hope your LO gets better soon!
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