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Thread: Growth Charts Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandora View Post
    Sorry for getting into the conversation but I was wondering :isn't there a chart especially for preemies?
    My doctor seemed to used one
    After DS was born we had visits from a public health nurse and she gave us a chart that starts at 26 weeks, so it does exist. I just don't think it's widely available since let's face it, most babies aren't born until they're full term! As someone mentioned on another thread though, a lot of peds offices are converting to computerized tracking, and unfortunately they don't seem to be able to chart weight and length based on adjusted age.

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    This may help:

    Available at:


    Direct link to chart:


    Hmm, dont' know why that comes out so small, but if you go to the first link I posted you can access this chart as "Figure 2"
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