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Thread: Relactating after 3 weeks??

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    My son was born a month early at 36 weeks. In the begininng I was bfing and pumping at the hospital. Well, when we came home I got baby blues pretty bad and just couldnt even find it in myself to try and latch him. So I was pumping instead and feeding him that. I didnt pump alot but when I did I was getting 3 oz from each breast. Then I just decided to stop.. So I went to formula. It has been 3 weeks since I stopped bfing or pumping. And I want to try again.

    So, last night I rented a pump Medela Symphony. I have pumpped about 5 times so far, every 2-3 hours and just getting drops, but I seem to be getting more drops each session. I am also drinking Mothers Milk tea and taking Fenugreek (4 pills 3 times a day), and drinking as much water as I can. And even though I really dont have much milk besides drops right now, I am still putting my son to the breast and working on latching and letting him suck for a little while before I give him a bottle of formula.

    Do you think it will take long to relactat after stopping for 3 weeks? I know it will be hard work and dedication but I am willing to try this. Any advice to speed up the process? Or am I pretty much doing all that I can?

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    Most effective in stimulating your milk supply, of course, is your baby. So nurse as frequently as possible. Next to your baby, an efficient hospital-grade double-electric pump, used frequently (every two to three hours) for about 15 minutes a session, may be your ace in the hole.

    Many relactating or induced lactating women opt for a supplemental feeding system like Medela's Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) and the Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer, which can help you to nourish your baby at the breast whether or not you're yet producing milk. A hidden pouch holds supplemental milk or formula, and a small, discreet tube is taped to your breast to extend just beyond your nipple. At once, baby is rewarded for suckling your breast, she gets enough nourishment, and she stimulates your own milk production. As your milk comes in, you'll find yourself able to gradually lessen the amount of supplementation needed to satiate her.

    Pump after every feeding to stimulate further milk production (many women pump one breast while the baby nurses from the other).
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    I think you've made a terrific decision to try relactating! It sounds like you had a good supply going in the beginning, and I am sure you will get it back in a hurry if you continue to try nursing and you're really dedicated with the pumping.

    The more you pump, the more you'll make. When I had supply issues in the early days, my LC had me pump every 2 hours during the day and every 3 at night, using a hospital-grade pump, and I saw good results in less than a week.

    This link may have some helpful information: Weaning from formula supplements.

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    Put the baby to breast as often as possible. It is definately possible to get your milk back. Your baby is the best pump and take it from me baby to breast is way easier that exclusive pumping.
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