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    Hi Ladies,

    I am not sure when I should pump. I want to build a supply for when I go back to work (I only work pt) and for a bottle at night, but I have an OS and don't want to cause it to get worse. Can someone tell me when to pump to avoid this? I know I can pump in the morning, but I need more of a supply than just that.

    Also, if I want to give our son a bottle at night, will I have to wake up to pump at that time? I don't want to become engorged, b/c I don't want to get plugged ducts (dealing with that now)

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    I'm not sure about the OS question but, I do know that I give my LO a bottle at night and I just pump for it after she goes to bed for the night. I used to still wake up somewhat uncomfortable in the mornings but, after she nursed, I was good. I started doing the night bottle at about 8 weeks and I would have to say that the slight discomfort in the morning ended after a few weeks. Then, my body just adjusted to when it needed to produce.
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