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Thread: need a little emotional support

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    Sometimes, babies fuss at the breast if they need to be burped. Sorry, I don't have much advice for you otherwise as I'm new to this, too. Good luck!

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    You are not alone...it is frustrating because you want to provide them all the milk they need, yet they can't really tell you they have had enough or that something may be wrong. When my LO started crying, turning bright red at my breast, I began pumping more milk and making sure he had something to eat. Then the guilt kicked in, he's not going to want the breast anymore and so on...I tried hanging in there, but seeing his little face turn red in frustration, I have been expressing milk for the last 2 days. I'm scared to even give him the breast again. Reading all these stories makes me feel better because I know I'm not alone---no one EVER told me how exhausting and at times painful breastfeeding would be!
    Good Luck

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