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Thread: My 4 week old could care less about the breast!

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    Default My 4 week old could care less about the breast!

    So my newborn had jaundice and had to be supplemented with formula. She never had a great latch since birth. I've consulted my Leche Leader and she says to keep trying, but I think I have a stubborn little girl. She spits my nipple back out if it actually gets to the correct position.

    SHe's nearly 4 weeks and I've been trying desperately to BF, but she falls asleep in 5 minutes. ALWAYS. I've done the wet wash-cloth, changed diapers, changed sides, stimulated her in every way I've read about, even wiped her face and hands with little ice packs! nothing.

    I pump every few hours to keep my supply up, but it's getting to be heartbreaking and I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up. We still have to supplement with two bottles of formula at night because I can't produce enough to keep her weight. (she only has about one bowel movement a day, though many wet diapers)

    Are there some kids who simply never take to the breast?

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    Default Re: My 4 week old could care less about the breast!

    No. All babies take the breast with constant access to he breast.

    I suggest skin to skin contact as much as possible. Take baths together, nap together. Take your shirt off and undress your baby and wear a sling or wrap. Lay down together and do skin to skin. She will be most amenable when she is not starving and is a little sleepy. If the breast is nearby she will root for it. If her latch is not great but she is on, pull her chin down while she sucks to get her to open wider. Do not use a pacifier.

    I would try not to use the bottle if at all possible. Offer her the breast more often. I seth alarm for every three hours at night and woke my DD up to nurse. We went through two months of breast refusal issues.

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    Default Re: My 4 week old could care less about the breast!

    I agree with PP

    What's even better than all the tricks to keep her away is to do skin to skin. It kind of creates that perfect infant environment.
    So you strip to the waste, she's in a diaper. Let her hang out, see what she does. She might nap for awhile, she might be content to just hang out. Eventually she will try to make her way to the breast. She'll root around, maybe bob around or scoot down even. Just help her a little and see what she does.

    Skin to skin will help in all sorts of ways including boosting your milk supply and getting her to nurse more frequently. I'd also get rid of the bottles and feed the formula from a spoon or soft cup. Yeah that makes it harder, but that's sort of the point. That she gets her sucking needs met at the breast.

    You can do it, she can too!

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