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Thread: Weaning from the nipple shield

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    Default Weaning from the nipple shield

    I started using a nipple shield last month, when I had a horrible case of thrush. I've since recovered, but I am still using the shield. I have heard that supply can lower due to lack of sensation; luckily, I feel mine has been intact. I think lo is really used to the shield though and I find myself nervous about trying to work without it.

    However, if we do not need it, it would be easier to go without it. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how do do so and make sure her latch is okay still. If you have experience with this, how did you handle it? How can I limit any confusion for her?

    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Weaning from the nipple shield

    i weaned my dd at 3 months. we started by getting her to latch with the shield on, then i would pop her off, remove in, and stick her back on. it was hit or miss. she then only would latch on if she was really upset, but that lead into latching whenever. also, i would pump a little at first to get the nipple to come out, then i would try to get her to latch. it took time and patience. good luck

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    Default Re: Weaning from the nipple shield

    I used a nipple shield as I struggled to get my baby to latch after a problematic birth and a stay in hospital in the special care unit. It was a gradual process to get him off the shields.
    I had one breast that I found easier to latch on with (left breast as I am right handed FYI) and started out with that one picking non-stressful times and when he was hungry but not frantic. Basically taking him off until it was right, but if it got stressful for me or him(!) used a shield. I also kept using the shields at night whilst going through this process as night feeding is hard enough without trying to get a baby to latch. It took about a week or two in all.
    The other day I was having trouble getting him to latch (we were out lots of people around so I was a bit tense) and I put a shield on and he was not interested at all!!
    Good luck, but I think as you have only used the shields temporarily it will not be a problem.

    Oh I should add I did go for advice from breast feeding councillors and they looked at my latching technique, which was really helpful. Also, as it was just after the birth the midwife was a great help. So if you have any resources like that use them.
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