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Thread: Sample meal schedules?

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    Default Sample meal schedules?

    I'm going to have a 6 mo soon - scary! - and we are going to be trying out more foods. Right now DD doesn't really eat any solids. Every so often I dip her spoon in some oatmeal and she licks it a little, chews the spoon, hits herself in the face with it... not exactly eating, just socializing her to eating at a table.

    So starting with just one "meal" a day, when did you move up to two meals and then three meals? At one year they should have three "meals", right? I just want to hear some of what you guys did as you introduced solids.
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    Default Re: Sample meal schedules?

    I'm curious too! I'll sit here with ya and wait to see what suggestions arise...
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    I started out with offering at 6 months, never offered more than one meal a day, sometimes I didn't even offer ever day. Then probably around 8 months we were offering twice a day. And around 9-10 months was 3 x per day. Now at 13 months I offer 3 meals and usually 2 small snacks. I was worried about weaning, so EVERYTHING was given to DD to self feed. At first she didn't eat much, then you started seeing bits of food in her diaper, now I can tell she's eating plenty if you know what I mean! That's what I did, but I'm sure there are alot of other moms who did differently. It's good to see what a lot of people done, then you can figure out what works best for you.

    Don't sweat it though, I was so worried about it but then I read on here that before one solids are just for fun.

    Also, if you look into BLS, they suggest that you offer foods (to self-feed) to your LO anytime that you are eating.
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    I also have a similar question. My DD is 10 months old and eats about 3 very small meals a day. I follow her cues as to when to breastfeed. How often should she be nursing? I know each baby is different, but I'm just looking for an 'on average' type of thing. Thanks!

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    i always nursed before offering solids. i did purees, and started around 6 months. one small (1 tbsp) in the evening, like dinner time, but that was only because i wanted to do it at home not at DC. it was a month or so before we added another tbsp in the mid morning, then i went with her cues, if she seemed like she wanted more i would offer another tbsp. we would add veggies and fruits one at a time for like 4 days. before we knew it she was eating like 2 oz of 2 different things. as she got closer to 9 months she was eating more solids, non purees, and ususally three times a day. she was still nursing between 5 and 6 sometimes more times a day. she is a great eater now at 18 months, but she is a little picky. i offer her what we are having for dinner and if she doesn't eat it, she doesn't eat it. she is still growing and that's what counts!

    Oh, and don't stress!!! don't listen to the people who tell you she should be eating this or that. just go with your gut about what YOUR child needs!!!

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