LO is doing great! She's 21 lbs at 9 months and has a great appetite. I've been making her solid food for her since her introduction at 6 months. She'll have a cereal (we use the Heinz line) and then a veggie and a fruit. She also gets Nutrios (like cheerios), Mum Mums and the occasional Farley biscuit.

At our 9 month baby wellness check up, our doctor said that we should be upping the texture of her food. He said we can also start adding yogurt and soft cheeses. We need to encourage her to chew a little more.

I have to admit it's making me a little nervous about choking. She has choked the odd time on a nutrio (typically when she tries to grab a handful and jam them in her mouth ). She's eating chunkier peaches so far without any issues, but they're baked and pretty soft.

When you were ready to introduce more texture, what did you give them?