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Thread: Menstruation effect milk supply?

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    Default Menstruation effect milk supply?

    This week I should be starting my cycle (any day now)...I've had 2 so far (DS is 9 mo old)...could this be impacting my supply all the sudden?

    For months I've been pumping at work 11+ ounces each day (5.5 oz at 9 AM and 5.5 oz at 3 PM). I just finished pumping and didn't even get 3 oz and this morning only got 4. I'm freaking out that my supply is going down because DS gets no formula, but I might have to start it. He has just started to eat solids, but only gets ~8 TBLS of food per day plus as many Cheerios as he wants.

    I've tried increasing my fluid intake and getting more rest, nothing's working...

    Any suggestions welcome!!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Menstruation effect milk supply?

    It definitely can. I noticed a really big drop before my first post-partum period, and then a smaller but still noticeable drop each month after that. I usually took fenugreek during that time to help boost my supply, and it worked fairly well. I also ate lots of oatmeal, which also helped.

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    Default Re: Menstruation effect milk supply?

    Yes, I saw a huge decrease in what I would produce when I pumped...
    I just continued eating oatmeal and taking fenugreek/blessed thistle...
    If you are on these, you can up it 1 a day each - it can't hurt...
    Everything comes back to normal once your hormones regulate again...

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    Default Re: Menstruation effect milk supply?

    I notice a huge dip almost every month. I just try to nurse/pump more and my supply increases in a few days. Maybe you could try adding an extra pumping the weeks you aren't on your period so you can build up a little bit of a stash for when your period comes, then you don't have to use formula. Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: Menstruation effect milk supply?

    I noticed a huge huge dip before I got my first pp period. The next one I didn't notice it as much, though DD did nurse more often leading up to it.
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