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Thread: Gumming, pumping, and frustration

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    Default Gumming, pumping, and frustration

    DS is now 6 wks and since wk 2 has only had BM (he was jaundiced in the hospital so dr's gave him formula to supplement). It's VERY important to me that he gets BM and only BM, at least until 6mo. But this isn't how I envisioned it to be...

    Thankfully, DS has a great latch, but since he's gotten more responsive to lights, sounds, movements, etc he wants to turn his head in all directions causing him to lose the areola and try to continue nursing on nipple alone. I'll break suction and continue but then he thinks he can gum on me for some reason. I may have a slow let down? To top it all off, I've been extremely sore and cracked due to my pump. The shield is too small and I've ordered new parts but they'll take awhile to arrive. (This is my first experience with any of this so I'm a little lost and figuring it out as I go...) My plan is to wait for my parts to arrive and exclusively pump for a week or so to let myself heal up some before I risk another gumming. What little healing I have done he breaks open again!

    So, my question is, am I making a bad decision on taking a break from BF? He's always seemed to do ok going breast/bottle. If I start to think about EP, how would that effect us? I've really thought about it because I don't know if I can take the pain, and he would still be getting the nutritional value, right?

    And, how can I keep him from slipping of breast like he does? It KILLS me but I don't want to restrict his movements too much. He should be comfy when he eats, like anyone else. I'm kinda large breasted so I usually always c-hold with one hand and I try to "flatten" the areola to make it easier for him to get. Also, every now and again, when trying to latch, he will open and close his mouth really fast not letting me in. I've tried all the text book techniques, but sometimes when he's in that "rhythm" I can't stop it. Any tips?

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    Default Re: Gumming, pumping, and frustration

    My DD is 7 months and she *still* yanks my nipple around when she's drinking but distracted by something (pretty much everything). Whenever you can, definitely try nursing her in a dark, quiet place or when she's sleepy.

    For the cracks, This page has some good info on healing your nipples.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Gumming, pumping, and frustration

    I had horrible cracked nipples that did not completely heal till 10 weeks. I used tons of lanolin (Lansinoh). I did exclusively pump and bottle feed from one side for about 2 weeks to let it heal a bit. So, yeah, that would give you a break and I don't think it would be a bad decision temporarily, but it is way easier (in the long run) to nurse than to pump and bottle feed. I couldn't wait to get off the pumping merry-go-round. As he gets bigger, his little mouth will be better able to deal with the large breast. I think that was part of our problem as well, and after those tough early weeks, it got so beautifully easy. It is still early days for you...hang in there!!
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