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Thread: Any way to keep supply up?

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    Default Any way to keep supply up?


    My nursling is 2 years old and nursing several times a day.

    I am now 5 weeks pg and the nursing goes as smoothly as ever.
    I would be a bit sad, if my toddler had to wean himself should my milk supply decrease during pg.

    Is there anything I can do to keep up a minimum milksupply during my pg?


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    Default Re: Any way to keep supply up?

    Hi LadyGodiva,
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    It sounds like you would really like to keep going nursing if you can.
    The hormones that maintain a pregnancy also cause a decrease in the amount of milk produced. This usually happens during the last four months of the pregnancy. During the last few months of pregnancy the milk changes over to colostrum in preparation for the birth.
    Many children do wean during pregnancy. This may be due to the changes in the milk during the second trimester or the hormonally-caused nipple soreness many women experience during pregnancy (which motivates some women to cut back on their child’s nursing) or the child’s readiness to wean unrelated to the pregnancy.
    Another consideration is the child’s need to nurse, both physical and emotional. Some are comfort nursers and don’t mind getting less milk. Some are more frustrated by the changes in the amount and taste of the milk and may begin to nurse less often on their own.
    Continuing to offer to nurse as before may help but only time will tell. It may help to take it day by day. Many of these changes are simply the natural course of hormones during pregnancy.
    Keep us posted!

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