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Thread: Formula worry!

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    Unhappy Formula worry!

    Hi there,

    My son is now 20 months and I am still breastfeeding.

    My son was given a spoon of formula when he was a day old by the hospital midwife. I was not asked permission and often feel angry still about this. He was never given any formula again however I read something recently saying that once formula is given the natural balance of the their stomach's is disrupted.

    Has this incident cancelled out all the good I have done these past 20 months breastfeeding?

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    Hi chenrezig,
    Congratulations on your nursing relationship so far!

    You feel angry that your son was given formula without your permission when he was just one day old. It must have been painful to read that article and feel as if that one spoonful could undo all your nursing efforts.

    There is value to even one nursing at the breast. And you have certainly provided more than that! Breastmilk is ever-changing, antibody-specific, age-appropriate nutrition. But breastfeeding is more than just nutrition, too. It's also about the connection between the baby and the mother. It is a comforting experience for both of you. When you nurse your son you tell him he is loved and safe and your son communicates back to you that he feels loved and reassured.

    You feel betrayed by that midwife giving your son that spoonful of formula but please rest assured that nursing your son for 20 months has not been worthless!


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    Default Re: Formula worry!

    I have heard about the formula disrupting the natural ballance, but it is not a permanent thing! I can't remember where I read it, but I'm sure I read that a baby's gut flora will return to normal in a few weeks or so after recieving formula. Of course breastfeeding has benifited your child! Breastmilk is always benifical; even children who have never been breastfed at all can benift from drinking the occasional cup of ebm if mom pumps while bfing a younger sibling. Breastmilk contains so many wonderful things that support brain development and immuity and such. No ammount of suplementation can change that.

    I'm so sorry this was done to your child without your permission. My mom tells me that when I was a baby they took me to the nursury at night and fed me bottles of formula that gave me terrible exema all over my body. You can bet I was mad when I found out about them doing that without her concent! It always makes me furious when I hear about babies being given fomrula, etc without the mom's permission.

    Lets all hope that by the time your daughter is having her own children things like this won't be happening anymore.

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