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Thread: newborn spits out nipple, gums it - HELP!

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    Default newborn spits out nipple, gums it - HELP!

    My 1-week-old is having some challenges with breastfeeding (which means I am too!). I have seen an IBCLC, and she just says "the baby has to figure it out for herself." Basically, she was doing great until the milk came in. Now, she repeatedly latches on, only to spit out the nipple after taking one suck, or she chews on it. She may do this 10-20 times before finally latching on permanently and taking her deeper, longer sucks for her nursing session. I could handle it if it always worked out this way, but a lot of times she just freaks out and screams before her permanent latch, and it is extremely difficult to get her calmed down enough to try again. It doesn't matter if I pump a little before or not, or what hold I am using, or what time of day, or if she was woken up or not to feed, etc, she does it consistently.

    To top it off, my nipples are cracked and bleeding, so each latch attempt is excruciating. Evidently, this is not due to improper latch, according to my IBCLC, but just ... the way it is for now.

    Can anyone help ... ?? I am so desperate right now

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    Default Re: newborn spits out nipple, gums it - HELP!

    I'm sorry you two are having some problems.
    Here is a great link on latching, you should have no nipple pain if you have a good latch.

    As far as her spiting out the nipple, could be a forceful let-down or a slow let-down.
    "Some babies get very impatient if mom has a slow let-down."

    "Some babies will pull off the breast soon after let-down if mom has a forceful let-down. Baby may be frustrated by the too-fast flow of milk with let-down."

    You can also hand express before latching baby on so the let- down is not too fast.
    more info here..

    I hope this helps.

    Kimberly Mommy to Landin and Avery


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