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Thread: to wean or not to wean?

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    Default to wean or not to wean?

    I really don't know what to do. My son is 2 1/2 years old. He still asks to nurse, but he's also starting to try and manipulate me with asking, he's also very squirmy, always doing something else while nursing (tossing his blanket about, playing with his stuffed animal "kitty"). I know my milk supply is decreasing and I wouldn't be surprised of all of those behaviors have been influenced by that. But his nursing is also starting to hurt once in a while. I think that once the milk is gone he stays on and just sucks.

    I have been such a die hard breastfeeder for so long. I have overcome so many challenges and I know how important it is. But I think I'm nearly ready to start weaning. I'm the only one either in my family or my friends to have done extended breastfeeding. And now, I've even caught myself gritting my teeth when we're nursing. I'm almost thinking that if I'm starting to be resentful (is that the right word?) about bf, then maybe its time to start weaning.

    I don't know...
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    Well I'm not sure if it's time to be done with nursing or not but definitely time for some more boundaries. That's sort of a type of weaning really - I think of weaning as a process not "done nursing".

    It is sometimes really irritation on your breasts to nursing a squirmy toddler so we cut down the squirm. You have to sit still for ba-ba, that was our deal.

    We also established some other ground rules that helped me. Cutting down on the actual time he was nursing helped me a great deal. Sing ABC's twice and then done.

    I think it's important to realize that your nursing relationship can change without weaning altogether! Make the changes that you need and then see where your at.

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    Default Re: to wean or not to wean?

    I agree with pp.

    I am Tandem nursing and since DD2 was born, nursing DD1 (now almost 2 and 1/2) has been hard, it's not the same as it used to be so after asking a lot of questions here and getting excellent advice from the LLL moms, I decided to set limits. I sat her down one day and talked about it with her. Mommy is tired and wants to enjoy nursing but to do that we will only nurse 3 times a day. I feel a lot better about nursing her. It's still hard and I wish she weaned but I know she's not ready and this way I can keep nursing her without the resentment.

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