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Thread: to wean or not to wean...

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    I really don't know what to do. My son is 2 1/2 years old. He still asks to nurse, but he's also starting to try and manipulate me with asking, he's also very squirmy, and always doing something else while nursing (swishing his blanket around, playing with his stuffed toy "kitty"). I know my milk supply is decreasing and I wouldn't be surprised of all of those behaviors have been influenced by that. But his nursing is also starting to hurt once in a while. I think that once the milk is gone he stays on and just sucks. I get top teeth impressions on my nipple more often than not.

    I have been such a die hard breastfeeder for so long. I have overcome so many challenges and I know how important it is. But I think I'm nearly ready to start weaning. I don't like wearing nursing bras anymore. I don't like being asked to nurse when we're anywhere but home. I am the only one whosever done extended breastfeeding either amongst my friends or within my family. I have been so blessed by our breastfeeding relationship thus far. But now I'm starting to find myself gritting my teeth when we nurse. So I don't know...

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    How often is he nursing? I feel at this age it's ok to say not right now and try to move him on to something else. Our thing was frozen yogurt. I would just buy the yogurt tubes and put them in the freezer. I would ask my dd if she wanted to go outside and have some yogurt.

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