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Thread: food processor - making food

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    for the moms who use food processors to puree/grind up food.. what do you make, and how do you make it? what size batches do you make it in? do you do meats and everything under the sun, or just mainly fruits and vegetables? TIA!!
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    i used a blender. it worked great! i would do all fruits and veggies. when it came time for some meat, i just shredded it and let her pick it up if she wanted it. i steamed or baked everything and i would do enough to fill an entire ice cube tray or more. then i would put them in baggies and into the freezer. it would last a while when i was just starting to give her solids. toward the end it would be like a week or so supply, but there was a lot more to chose from at that point.

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