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    Mikey turned two a few weeks ago. Except on weekends, we were down to just one bedtime session at that point. I was producing so little anyway. I decided I was finished. It was such a hassle pumping with the travel I do for work, trying and not getting my supply back which was frustrating, the diet restrictions, my aching back holding him while nursing....lots of things.

    /''[Our method: the last session was on a Friday night. We just talked. I said, "Mikey, This is the last time we're going to do neh-nehs. After this, we just drink milk from a cup. Neh-nehs will be all gone."

    From now when he asks, it's "Remember? Neh-nehs are all gone. We drink milk from a cup only." It's really gone very smoothly-way more smoothly than I expected.

    I am a little sad. Maybe I'll cry about it. I haven't yet, I was just ready. I'm dealing with it well though. It's been a week and I'm still getting used to being able to not have to order all my food dairy-, egg-, soy-, etc. free.

    He got sick this week, some kind of strep bug. So right off the bat, I was tempted but had to be strong and not nurse him through his illness like I had always done. He still needed momma, still wanted lots of cuddles and momma-love.

    I'm very proud of what I've accomplished. I far exceded my goals I set for myself. I've made and nurtured and nourished a beautiful little boy for two years plus with many challenges. I've had some soreness in one of my breasts, feels kind of like a plugged duct. So I put a heating pad to it and have been massaging it. This has helped some. I might take some motrin if I need to.

    I've been waaaayyyy out of touch with the LLLLadies for some time now. I think of you all often and thought I'd catch up a bit when I can. We've had a rough year. Baby asthma, repeated ear infections, tubes in and adenoids out, living a year apart from hubby waiting on our dang house to sell-which it finally did a couple of weeks ago. I've been a single parent for all intents and purposes for the past year with many things stacked against us, so I've had no time to post or even look on here.

    I'll post soon and hope everyone's doing alright. Good to see you all.
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    Congrats momma!

    Mommy to
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    Thanks for sharing your weaning story... what a great thing you did for your little boy, you've given him a great start in life!!!
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    Congratulations! What a wonderful story - it gives me hope that eventually Sam will wean. He'll be three next month and has shown no desire thus far. I hope to be able to do it as lovingly as you did :-)
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