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Thread: No sippy cups or bottles..doesn't eat much!

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    Question No sippy cups or bottles..doesn't eat much!

    I can't say I have been good about consistently trying solids with Annabella.. and while I know BM is her main source of nutrition for her first year..I am still a small bit concerned about why she doesn't seem to take to much..maybe I haven't offered her enough of a variety I suppose..but without even knowing what it is really she still kind of shy's away from the spoon like "nah, not interested" and she'll actually grab it and try to feed me! At first with yobaby yogurt she would eat like 6-8 small small spoonfulls and then maybe she got bored of it? Now she just doesn't really want anything I have to offer her..at least on a spoon..Maybe I should try harder with BLS? She likes knawing on a pretzel stick and will eat half every now and then (the small ones) and bread..loves bread, is this bad? I'm also kinda concerned for when she is over a year and it's time to introduce milk and other liquids..will she be able get the hang of it, or will I just have to help her with a cup everytime? Which by the way she is an expert actually at drinking out of a cup it's her favorite thing.. so I guess that wouldn't be a big deal, right? And do you introduce milk even if you are still BF? Sorry alot of questions..just mildly concerned..oh one more thing, could her teething be causing her to want to eat less? She seems a bit more fussy these days..and I'm not sure if it's due to the stress of not accomplishing crawling yet.. sigh..
    Thanks, any input welcomed!!
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    Default Re: No sippy cups or bottles..doesn't eat much!

    as long as she is nursing well 3-4 times in 24 hours you don't have to worry about adding cows milk.


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