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Thread: 7 month sleeping pattern

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*blue2000 View Post
    Just want to add that there is a middle ground between the CIO method and totally bending to baby's whims overnight...Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution was an excellent compromise between myself (feeding whenever DS made a peep) and my DH, who leans more towards a CIO approach. Before enacting her strategies, we were going down around eight pm and waking four or five times before six am. Now, it's twice.

    We've also found a lot of success with a pretty consistent routine during the day.

    Up at six, nap by eight (1-2 hours depending on his mood)
    Play play play (lots of activity) til 1-2, then a 2-3 hour nap.
    Lots of activity in the evening (though we try to make it more mellow, with books, walks, etc), bed by 7:30 -8:00

    Then a wake-up/feed at 12-1 and 3-4.

    It's working for us right now...just wait until DS decides to change!!
    Hello mama! I have also been using Pantley's methods. I bought her book when DS was 3 months old. We were already way into a nursing to sleep association though, and i know that that is what is mostly behind his wakings still today. Ever since I purchased the book I have been very consistent with using the pantley pull off, but over the months have not been the best about consistently doing a bedtime routine. the weekends always throw us off!
    I have faith in this woman's ideas, I just sometimes don't know if I'll ever get there! ANd it really isn't too bad ya know. He is a good napper, just havin a difficult time consolidating his sleep over all...So anyways, my question is, Which ideas from the book worked best for you and your Lo? Was there a lightbulb moment for you when things just fell into place with your LO's sleep ?
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    I am always wary of anyone who believes 100% in ANY method without flexibility, whether it's CIO or AP. As a teacher I've seen that all of my students learn differently and have different needs. After reading Tracy Hogg's book The Baby Whisperer I decided to strike a balance with AP. Although I still nurse on demand and wear my baby in a sling during the day, I did transition him to crib in our room at night and put him on somewhat of a schedule. Remember, it's not CIO if you hold and soothe your baby, even if you don't do exactly what they want. I know my son's cues and I know when he is tired. However, he fights sleep, so I hold him and rock him while he cries himself to sleep. This only takes minutes. Now I am a rested and patient mama and he is a happy and jolly baby. After sticking to a routine, I can now put him in his crib for naps and bedtime most days without any crying. He is four months old.

    Here is his schedule. It is not rigid, as I do follow his cues and nurse on demand, but this is how it goes most days.

    6:00 A.M. wake and nurse, back to sleep
    8:00 A.M. wake and nurse, play
    10:00 A.M. down for a nap
    11:00 A.M. wake and nurse, play
    1:00 P.M. nurse
    3:00 P.M. nurse, down for a nap
    5:00 P.M. wake and nurse, play
    7:00 P.M. nurse, bath, reading, singing and rocking
    8:00 P.M. goes in his crib (Sometimes he talks to himself for awhile before falling asleep. I will ignore mild fussing for up to 10-15 minutes but pick him up and rock him if he cries).
    12:00 A.M. nurse (usually a "dream" feed)
    Then he sleeps for 6-7 hours!
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    DS is almost 7 months.

    Up at 7-8am
    Nap 10-ish (30 min)
    Nap 1pm-ish (1-2 hrs)
    Occassional nap 4pm-ish (max 30 min)
    Bed promptly at 8
    But he wakes up at least 2 times every night and lately a lot more because he has a cold & is teething.

    I would just like to put in my two cents that I don't think that ANY one single parenting decision is going to permanently damage your child. CIO is just not going to be that traumatic; kids are pretty sturdy, especially if they are in an otherwise living, supportive environment. If you have to do that for your sanity, so that you can be more engaged with your child during the day, more energetic & enthusiastic, your child will be ok. The more important thing is your long-run parenting, who you are and what you do with your child day in and day out.

    There is not one magic thing you can do to automatically be an awesome parent or a terrible parent (I mean, obviously there are terrible things people can do to children, but I assume nobody here is contemplating real child abuse).

    Also, every child is different and just because a child needs more affection than average doesn't mean they were traumatized. Some people are just less emotionally independent than others and that is OK. It is not a defect, it is a trait.
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