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Thread: Wean to a bottle or a straw cup? And what to do if one twin won't drink milk?

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    Default Wean to a bottle or a straw cup? And what to do if one twin won't drink milk?

    I've been trying to wean my 1yo twins for a couple weeks now. One is kinda sorta drinking whole milk from a bottle a few times a day. When I give him a straw cup he takes the milk into his mouth and then spits it out. His twin is getting bottles of 2/3 EMB and 1/3 whole milk and he's not too happy about that concoction. Should I just keep on doing what I'm doing? I've wasted a ton of breastmilk because if I don't have the proportion just right he doesn't want it. And I don't want to give it to the guy who's dealing with the regular milk ok. Also, do people normally cut our nursing sessions one at a time or do what I'm doing with the milk and EBM? This pumping is a bummer. No joy or bonding in that.

    And question B is about bottles. Everyone and their mother has told me not to start a bottle habit where there is none. But these guys are really terrible with a cup. Am I creating monsters? They're big eaters and what I'm most worried about is hunger and messing up their warm and fuzzy full feeling and our precarious sleep situation.

    Our nice, orderly routine is no more. I am just learning about schedules and ounces and the things I might have had down if I weren't BFing. And with twins we're always about 5 seconds away from anarchy at any given moment. Any tips for this confused weaner? Fix us, please!

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    Default Re: Wean to a bottle or a straw cup? And what to do if one twin won't drink milk?

    While I didn't BF my twins (mine are 4), maybe something I say can help....

    I am assuming you are weaning altogether from BF? Otherwise, there are lots of options.

    The bottle/cup argument....Do what works. My twins wouldn't give up their bottle until they were 18 months old, and then they did it in ONE day for every "feeding/drink". It just goes to show you that when they're ready, they're ready. I never did the straw thing, but instead went through probably 3-4 different brands of sippies before we finally settled on one they would use. Same thing with my 11-month old. So if the straw doesn't work, maybe try a different style cup? (In fact, my twins use a different brand than my 11-month old....)

    As for mixing milk and BM, does one of your twins take BM out of a bottle/cup OK? I mean, is it a cup issue or a taste issue? I tried mixing milk and BM with my 11-month old, but he didn't want that. However, when I kept offering whole milk once in a while, he'd take that (although small amounts). Do your twins take other liquids out of a cup OK?

    I am also trying to wean my 11-month old, as I'm having surgery on 10/3, and he'll be a year old by then. While I haven't completely weaned him, I started cutting out sessions one at a time, starting with the one that he didn't eat a lot. It helps you cut down on your supply slowly, while getting your child used to not nursing all the time. I use a lot of distraction and playing to avoid feeding him at the other times. I've noticed that as I'm cutting out feedings, my son is more interested in food and other types of drinks. Maybe this will work for you, too.

    Good luck. I thought I had it tough with one weaning--you've got two! However, I have to pat you on the back for BF twins!

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    Default Re: Wean to a bottle or a straw cup? And what to do if one twin won't drink milk?

    my last 3 kids never had a bottle any they are fine.
    I didn't wean untill they were older then 1.. my William was over 2
    My phillip was 18 months old and my dd Sarah is 3 and she still nurses 1st thing in the morning and to go to bed at night.
    I agree with pp do what works for your kids. My oldest had a bottle untill he was 3 and could go to the put his own cows milk in it. lol
    He finaly got rid of it when he was ready. I think maybe we gave it to santa clause to give to a poor baby.. it was almst 13 years ago anyways
    If they don't like cows milk I wouldn't push it some kids don't like it and there is no need for bottle after bottle of milk if they are eating things with cheese and yogart. We only have cows milk on cold cereal and in meals.

    are they nursing at all?
    lll says wean slowly with love. Drop the less needed feed and then replace it with lots of love and attention. Bed and nap are normal last to go.
    you could call your local leader if you need some more help with weaning.
    Some groups even have special meetings for moms with babies over 1.
    And you might realy be able to help another twin mom!

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    Default Re: Wean to a bottle or a straw cup? And what to do if one twin won't drink milk?

    Have you try a spill-proof straw cup? They're really good since is not a spout and it simulate drinking like a grown up but without the mess of a kid.

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