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Thread: Twins are here!

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    Default Twins are here!

    My twins via surrogacy came into the world on 6/8/09. My daughter was able to latch on soon after birth, which thrilled me beyond belief.

    Unfortunately, my son broke his arm on the way out, so he was sent to NICU until an orthopedist could set his arm. While there they gave him a bottle of my EBM (20 ml) and topped him off with formula (10 ml). They also gave him a pacifier with sugar on the tip to sooth him through the pain. I wasn't happy, of course, but couldn't let my baby go hungry or in pain (I couldn't hold him until his arm was taken care of). Fortunately, the orthopedist came pretty quickly and set his arm and he was released to the nursery and I was able to get him to breast. He was great! His suck was even better than his sister's. I was so excited and relieved.

    Since then things have been hit or miss. Sometimes they're both great at nursing, and sometimes it seems like they're just playing. I thought my daughter was going to be the one to keep me worried about her eating enough, but it turns out it's my son. She has had plenty of wet and soiled diapers over the last 4 days (which she hates having changed ). And up until yesterday, so did he. But after leaving the hospital yesterday afternoon he has not had any more poopy diapers. I talked to a nurse at the pediatrician's and she said that it wasn't anything to worry about, so I stopped worrying (as much as a first time mom can). But then he stopped having wet diapers as well. He went all day without needing a diaper change at all. He FINALLY had a wet diaper this evening at around 9:00.

    So, am I starving my son? Is he getting enough to eat? I'm just so worried that I'm doing something wrong!
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    Default Re: Twins are here!

    Congrats on your new precious babies! Poor little man and his arm. Good to hear that they are latching.

    Are you working with an IBCLC lactation consultant. I think she would be able to help you with how much DS is eating. It's not good that he is not wetting much. It is probably a good idea to have the LC weigh then both before and after nursing to determine how much milk they are getting.

    How much milk were you producing when they were born? Are you using an SNS at all?

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    Default Re: Twins are here!

    Congratulations mama!!!!
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    Default Re: Twins are here!

    Congratulations on the new babies! Sorry to hear your son broke his arm! Poor little guy.

    Since he's not wetting much, I would definitely take him in to the pediatrician. A new baby can easily become dehydrated, and that can be very dangerous.

    Keep us updated! You're doing a great job!
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    Default Re: Twins are here!

    So they are only 4 days old is that right? During the 1st week of life you are only looking for wet diapers the number of days old they are in a 24hours period. So you said he finally had one last night at 9pm. You need to track it back to 9pm the previous day. Was it only one if that 24hour period of time? Or were there at least two other between 9pm the previous day?
    Whenever you start the tracking, (I always just used Midnight) you need to be counting the whole 24 hour period. Until you get to the week point. And then really it's 6-8 depending on whether on not you use cloth. But in this last 24hour period BEFORE TODAY, you would have been good with 3.
    So was it really only one in the whole 24hours or did you become worried based on only a 10 or 12 hour period?
    AND are they preemies and are you using sposies? Because often even a regular size newborn will pee and it will go undetected in a sposie. While in the hospital with my son twice they had to cut the diaper to tell. And he weighed 8.2 at birth. So if your son is small, you may have missed some pee.

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    Default Re: Twins are here!

    No advice, just wanted to say congrats!

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    Default Re: Twins are here!

    I also don't really have any advice beyond what PP said, but I wanted to say congrats on your little babies!
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    Default Re: Twins are here!

    Congrats! Shelly gave some good advice and I have one more question, how many times has he fed within those 24 hours?

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    Default Re: Twins are here!

    If he went from having more wet diapers in the hospital and then the amount decreasing then I would certainly be concerned as well. Let us know how he does the next day.

    Could you explain a bit more about what is going on when he nurses? The frequency he's at breast, does he seem to have a strong latch? Is he getting sleepy?

    Also, you should surround yourself with lots of support people! An IBCLC would be great, they can weigh the baby before and after feedings so you have a good idea of what is going on.

    If your girl is having enough wets and your boy isn't, probably a latching or sleepy issue. That can totally be worked out. Stick with it momma, your story is VERY inspiring!!!!

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    Default Re: Twins are here!

    How is everyone doing, mama?
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