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Thread: 9mo eating solids, asked to supplement with formula

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    Default 9mo eating solids, asked to supplement with formula

    Hi everyone,

    I really need some advice and would love to hear other mom's experience. My DD is 9 months old and when we went for a check-up at her paed, and she was concerned that DD was not gaining enough weight. At 6 months, DD was 7.1kgs (around 15lbs), and now at 9 months, she was only 7.65kg (around 16.8lbs). Paed was concerned and told me to start supplementing with formula.

    Basically, DD gets 2 solid meals a day. On average, she nurses about 5/6 times a day but some days she feeds even less, maybe 4 times only? Wet diaper output is good, and she has 1 poopy diaper once a day or once every other day.

    All signs seemed like DD was doing fine! But I am concerned about her low weight gain. Paed suggested that I also increase her meals to 3 a day, on top of supplementing with formula during the day and breastfeeding at night. Is this really necessary? I wouldn't even consider it, except for the fact that I'm going back to work next month and I've never been able to get much when I pump, so I don't think I'll be able to leave bottles of EBM for her when I'm at work.


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    Default Re: 9mo eating solids, asked to supplement with formula

    I think your pediatrician is being overcautious. According to this weight-for-age chart for breastfed baby girls, your baby is between the 50th and 25th percentiles for weight, which is in no way underweight. (Healthy children come in all shapes and sizes, and not every child can or should be in the higher percentiles for weight!)

    I do not think you should follow your pediatrician's advice. Perhaps you need a new pediatrician who gives better advice? I know mine would say "Your baby's fine, until the first birthday solids are just for experimenting with new tastes, textures, and motor skills. After the first birthday, the transition to a majority-solids diet may be a gradual one."

    Since you're going back to work, and you haven't had good luck with the pump, I would suggest:
    1. Consider getting a new pump- some moms need a better pump in order to get good output.
    2. When you are with your baby, nurse more often, not less. Breastmilk is more calorie-rich than most solids.
    3. Concentrate on high-calorie solids at meals if you are still worried about weight gain- whole-milk yogurt and avocado are good.
    4. If a new pump does not enable you to leave breastmilk bottles, consider leaving bottles of formula when at work. Under the age of 1, milk or formula should be the baby's primary source of nutrition, so formula is a better choice than solids.
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    Default Re: 9mo eating solids, asked to supplement with formula

    Great suggestions by PP!!

    Between his 6- and 9-month checkups, my son gained 6 ounces. I was really worried ("obsessed" is probably a better word ), and our pediatrician told me not to worry. They become so much more active around 6 months that a lot of their (food) energy is devoted to activity and growing, not just gaining weight. His dad is long and lean, and he is built the same way. It may make you feel better that my son's weight at 12 months was around 15 lbs, so they don't have to be big, or in the higher percentiles to be perfectly healthy. It sounds like you and your daughter are doing exactly what you need to do--good job!

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    Default Re: 9mo eating solids, asked to supplement with formula

    thanks so much for the advice ladies! i really appreciate it

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