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Thread: night weaning...tell me this gets better

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    Default night weaning...tell me this gets better

    I've decided to night wean my 20.5 month old because I'm pregnant with #2. The first night she woke up, and cried for an hour while I held her, sang, etc, etc. Then she fell asleep and did not wake until morning, when I nursed her.
    Last night (night #2), she woke and would not go back to sleep for nearly 4 hours. She didn't cry the whole time, but she was upset that I wouldn't nurse her.
    Please tell me this will get better quickly. I don't want to stop night weaning now that I've started. I think it will just confuse her if I did that.
    Does anyone have any great stories? How long does it usually take?

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    Default Re: night weaning...tell me this gets better

    What technique are you using? Have you tried the dr gordon method? It is very gentle night weaning...might be a little easier for her to adjust.
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    I guess I'm using my own method, an adapted Dr. Sears. When she goes to sleep, I say, "good girl, you drank my milk all gone. We'll have milk again in the morning."
    Then, when she wakes (we cosleep), I tell her milk is all gone and console her in all ways except thru nursing.
    When the sun is up and she wakes upto nurse, I say, "good morning, it's time to have milk."
    I don't think Dr. Gordon will work for me. She's very strong willed and I think she would be extremely frustrated with that approach. I'm trying to use daylight as an indicator.

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    Default Re: night weaning...tell me this gets better

    Whatever you decide to do, just stay consistent and it will get easier.

    I found that when I stopped co-sleeping that my DS nightweaned on his own. Out of sight/out of mind!

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: night weaning...tell me this gets better

    We used the Dr. Gordon method, and it worked great for us. We spaced it out a little more, so it took us about two weeks. We've had two "relapses" into nighttime wakefulness - one when DS had a terrible night teething, and one night where here was fighting a bug - but he snapped right into STTN once he felt better. (Both times I decided that using nursing to comfort him made sense because he felt so rotten.) , mama - follow your instincts, and you will get there!!
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    Default Re: night weaning...tell me this gets better

    You can do it!
    DD is 22 months and we are in our second week of night weaning. We talk about how mama's milk sleeps at night and how DD can help mama's milk be happy if it gets to sleep. She can have all the milk she wants during the day when mama's milk is awake. She now says good night to the milk too.
    We co-sleep too and she is making it from 9 to 5 pretty much now. It took us about 5 days to get there. Sometimes she will wake up at 2 and I have a twilight turtle (that shines stars on the ceiling) that I turn on for her. She knows the turtle only makes stars when mama's milk is asleep, so it works like a little treat for her. She can look at them until she falls asleep.
    Good luck! You can do it! Be strong and consistent... I know it's easier said than done but you can! It gets better

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    Default Re: night weaning...tell me this gets better

    Thank you everyone! It is getting better...4 nights and counting! Last night she woke up at 9 and went back to sleep quickly and at 3, and was very restless until dawn. I'm sure it will take a while, but she's catching on.

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    I used a modified version of the Dr Gordon's method, it took several weeks but it was ok.

    As pp said, stay consistent, we recently decided to put DD1 to sleep and leave the room without waiting till she's asleep. The first 2 nights she fought and fought but the third night it got a lot easier and now she goes to sleep on her own

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    I used Dr Gordon's method. But it only worked AFTER he had all of his teeth except his 2 year molars.
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