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Thread: I'm ready...can she let go?

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    Default Re: I'm ready...can she let go?

    I agree, not to give yourself a specific time limit. Might make it more stressful!

    But I was where you are. I was ready before he was. So I just started gently distracting him. But at that point, he was just morning, nap and night. It was relatively easy, I just had to find a different way to comfort him when it was time to go to sleep. It was like he understand, and went with it. Like Shannon, it seemed to be about two months before he was weaned.
    I still miss it from time to time, but glad weaning happened the way it did.

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    Default Re: I'm ready...can she let go?

    What you are talking about doing is very similar to how C weaned. I was to the point were I wasn't making any milk. It just went slow, cutting one at a time out, and then one night I just knew this was it. He would only nurse for seconds right before bed, and I just decided that was the last time. He was upset for 2 nights, and then was fine. He was younger than Nora, but otherwise it was very similar. I say do whatever sits well with you. You know your body and your daughter, you'll do what's best, I am sure of it.
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    Default Re: I'm ready...can she let go?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*nolamomma View Post
    So you might miss it, which reminds me that I might too. I think I'm just at that point though, where I'd rather miss it, than wish it over all the time.
    I agree with this statement as it seems to be how you're feeling under it all. I also agree with not setting a firm deadline, or you can have it, just be flexible.

    We I weaned K while pregnant at 6months she was 31months or so. She understood but it was hard for me. She did ask after the baby was born but understood my explanation and it wasn't a huge deal. I am happy to have nursed her for as long as I did and equally happy about how she accepted the end and my alternative ways to soothe her.

    You will find your way with Norah.

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    Default Re: I'm ready...can she let go?

    We dropped am nursing session easily when DD2 was around 2. She just went straight to breakfast when she woke up. Now, for the night time and naps on weekends - we're still not there - she's 27 months. I was hoping she'd start wanting to drop those like the am one, but no success so far. good luck!

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    Default Re: I'm ready...can she let go?

    I don't have any great advice, I have never *completely* weaned a toddler. Of course DD1 has been weaned down to one session a day for about a year now, but I just can't bring myself to force her to give up that last one when she is still so into it and I have no problem with it. However, we have agreed that she will be done when she is 4/starts preschool in September. (Wow, Shannon, that is like a confessional-now I've written it, it must be real!)
    Even at this point it's not every single day, for example she has been on several-day visits to the grandparents without nursing.
    I don't intend to treat it as an absolute 100% deadline, same as pps have suggested for you.
    Of course it's a little different given their ages. Also, I don't think I spent enough time with DD1 when she was a baby and I think that this has been her make-up time in a way (not sure if that makes sense).
    I guess my advice would be to have your "plan" in mind, but be flexible and take it one step at a time. Maybe when you get down to one session you will feel better about continuing. I'd say keep your options open until you're there. Take my advice fwiw coming from a mother who is TN a 15 month and almost 4 year old!


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    Default Re: I'm ready...can she let go?

    We aren't completely weaned, but we did cut down to two nursings per day. We were at six about two months ago, then I just started distracting her throughout the day and keeping her very busy. Once 3x per day was going well, I cut out the naptime session. It was much easier than I expected. She's full from lunch when she goes down for a nap, but it did mean that she had to learn how to fall asleep without nursing. Honestly I was amazed at how quickly it all happened. So now she either falls asleep when we are running errands and transfers into the crib, or I put on some music and she falls asleep in the crib that way. But we haven't nursed at naptime for about a month, I think.

    I guess my thinking is, naptime is probably easier for some to cut than the first session of the day. I don't know about Norah, but K hangs out on the breast for a LONG time in the a.m. so I'm anticipating it being a little harder to drop.

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    Default Re: I'm ready...can she let go?

    I'm not sure what happend to my reply but I posted last night?

    We are still pretty early in this department but we started a few weeks ago. Avery was only nursing before bed and all night.
    She wasn't getting much and the all night nursing was just keeping her from sleeping(and me too). I started with the before bed time nursing and then the no nursing before x time. She is done.
    She's doing great and sleeping much better.

    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: I'm ready...can she let go?

    Thanks so much. I know I'm going to sound like a lunatic, but this morning when she was nursing (and she does nurse the longest in the morning)....it was so peaceful and I thought, "she really needs this to start her day right now."

    I am hot and cold with this issue. Maybe it's just b/c I'm grumpy right now and the nipple pain, but really I do enjoy the time we share while she's nursing. It is our only cuddle time.

    I will definitely be flexible and maybe not even set a date at all. I have always wanted her to stop nursing on her terms. I'll see how the next few months go and then take it from there.

    Ugh, why do I get so selfish?

    Since she started school, the midday session is sort of disappearing on it's own b/c she is so wiped out at noon when I pick her up that she falls asleep on the way home and I transfer her to her bed where she continues to nap. She wakes up and we go outside and have a snack and it's forgotten.

    Thanks so much for chatting....all I get with IRL people (including my gynecologist today) is, "...STILL!!?" Yes. Get over it. And then two seconds later I hear how brilliant they are for their age. Yeah, no sh#t...can you make a connection people? Seriously?

    Anyway...smooches and hugs and kisses and tickles all around.
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