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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lsksam View Post
    People who don't listen to me and DH and don't respect us as parents do not get alone time with DS. Period. Non-negotiable.

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mamamommy3 View Post
    Yup! I think most people have someone in their family who will try this at least once, and just don't get why it's so upsetting to you. If I see someone start to give her something, I ASK them not to. If they don't comply, I TELL them not to. If they still don't I take the baby away. And make it very clear that she is my child, and therefore my wishes will be respected or they simply will not be allowed around her until they learn to do that. And this is all before the food gets to her mouth, since I don't let anyone have her around food at all unless I'm watching them.
    Wow, you're hardcore, Shannon! I think that you're my new role model.

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*amberlina View Post
    Why is it the grandparents that are typically the worst? My mother is queen of overprotective, but continues to dismiss my requests to NOT GIVE HIM JUNK FOOD.
    My theory is that they want to be special to the grandkids and therefore give them things to make the kids like them / like being with them. And these things are generally things which aren't found in the home environment, and are therefore a fun novelty. My mom does this too - I consider myself very lucky that her "treats" are pop-up books (I am so not dealing with taping those when they get ripped) and battery-operated toys (not in my house, they drive me nuts) instead of food.
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    This is SOOO frustrating to us, as well. We deal with it with both sets or grandparents and our DCP. Once we have put our foot down, they do better, but they still need reminders. I caught our DCP giving the kids (1-2 year olds) icey pops as a "snack" outside! Man, was I mad! I sent in some all natural sherbert popsicles for my on instead.

    But it is so annoying when it is your own family that won't listen. Don't they get it that we have to pay the doctor and dentist bills from all that crappy food???? AHHHHHH!!!!

    I would take my lo out of the situation if they wouldn't listen - especially if they tried to give him/her beer or something the child was allergic to...

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