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Thread: Really?!

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    Default Really?!

    Does anyone else have issues with other people (mainly family) trying to feed your LO junk food? My in-laws, in particular my father-in-law, loves to try to sneak in junk food to my boy. Ice cream, doritos, licorice, and just this weekend BEER. WTF?! He even tried to sneak past me to do so. I told him if he did it again I would throw his beer out the window, and he did it again. So I took my boy and left. The nerve! He's already been talked to about not respecting me and my wishes as the Mom. How do you handle this?

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    People who don't listen to me and DH and don't respect us as parents do not get alone time with DS. Period. Non-negotiable.
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    Default Re: Really?!

    I think what you did was appropriate. Up and leave. If you want to confront the situation probably not a bad idea either. What happens when you don't catch him doing it? I think it completely inappropriate to have such disregard not only for your parenting, but for baby's HEALTH!

    Good luck mama.
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    Default Re: Really?!

    Yup! I think most people have someone in their family who will try this at least once, and just don't get why it's so upsetting to you. If I see someone start to give her something, I ASK them not to. If they don't comply, I TELL them not to. If they still don't I take the baby away. And make it very clear that she is my child, and therefore my wishes will be respected or they simply will not be allowed around her until they learn to do that. And this is all before the food gets to her mouth, since I don't let anyone have her around food at all unless I'm watching them.
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    Default Re: Really?!

    Wow. I'm sorry that your family has been so disrespectful. I know my son has grabbed for some of my family's beer bottles because they were cold but they have never gotten to the point of letting him actually attempt to drink any of it.

    My mom is my biggest problem area. When we are in public resturants she is always trying to sneak my son french fries or crackers if I leave the table to go to the restroom or something similar and then always tries to look innocent when I come back. I am always firm with her when I take the item away and my lo has never actually eaten the items. Sometimes I feel as if I'm talking to a two year old.

    I think you did the right thing by removing your child from the sitaution. Hopefully it won't take many more times for them to get the hint.
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    my mom is big on this and it drives me nuts. dd reacts to everything and they (the family) learned that pretty quick, everything needs to go through me. we don't eat a lot of sweets and she never had chocolate, except at my mothers! 'it was only a bite" I DONT CARE DONT GIVE IT TO HER!!! yeah, it's fun, but they are better with my dd then they were with my neice, who eats/drinks everything! even coffee! it's mostly milk, and my parents drink it really mild, but still. not my child!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*nolies.mama View Post
    I think what you did was appropriate. Up and leave. If you want to confront the situation probably not a bad idea either. What happens when you don't catch him doing it? I think it completely inappropriate to have such disregard not only for your parenting, but for baby's HEALTH!

    Good luck mama.
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    Default Re: Really?!

    Both of my grandmothers are like that. They tend to sneak foods to my kids when they are babies. I now live thousands of miles away from them, so they aren't able to do that with my ds, who's only 5 months old. Many many times, when my dd's were younger, I told them that it was not acceptable. And many many times I've been "The bad guy" by taking away the forbidden treats my kids have been given.

    I think you're right by leaving the situation. I'm sorry your family has no respect for your wishes.....
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    Default Re: Really?!

    Yep, seems like we all have to deal with someone trying to give our LO's something we don't want them or they shouldn't have! Drives me nuts too!!! And then they have the nerve to act like we are being mean!!! I mean, we are just doing whats right and trying to introduce healthy eating habits to our lo's!

    to you for taking your LO out of the situation and standing your ground! Alcohol is dangerous to babies. I feel very strongly about this bc alcoholism & obestity are in my family. I just want to make sure I give my dd the right start you know? Plus, some things just aren't good for babies.
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    Default Re: Really?!

    Glad to hear I am not alone, but sad that it is so common. Why is it the grandparents that are typically the worst? My mother is queen of overprotective, but continues to dismiss my requests to NOT GIVE HIM JUNK FOOD. It is sad that I only have 3 people that I am comfortable living him with and know that they will respect my wishes. Thanks for all the support ladies!

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