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Thread: Anyone got a plan for how long? :-)

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    Default Anyone got a plan for how long? :-)

    I always said a year but that came and went, I started to wean at 18months and changed my mind now I'm 'hoping' 2years old. But I'm preggers so not sure if that will change things. Just wondering how long everyone is planning/hoping to go for?
    New bub will be our last so I'm excited how long I'll nurse him for, already saying 2years min!

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    Default Re: Anyone got a plan for how long? :-)

    WIth my first I said nine months...then a year...then 18 mos...then 2 years. I got preg when she was 19 mos and we made it to 2 years, but just barely. This time I figure I'll just go ahead and say minimum 2 years- if he cooperates.
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    Default Re: Anyone got a plan for how long? :-)

    My original goal was 2 years. We're 19.5 months now. I'm actively nightweaning her since she always has been an all-night nurser...and this mommy is TIRED now after a year-and-a-half of no sleep!

    I still let her nurse pretty much on demand during the day, and I am hoping she weans herself by 3 yrs.

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    Default Re: Anyone got a plan for how long? :-)

    Mine is similar to pp's - first one year, then 18 months, then 2. I never thought we'd go past 2 years, but at 27+ months, she still nurses - but only 1-2 times daily and it's been that way for months now. Hoping she takes the lead and weans in the next few months, though. No night nursing (haven't done that since she was 6 months old), but I'm getting ready to be done, I think.

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    Default Re: Anyone got a plan for how long? :-)

    My son selfweaned at night at about 14months, I was soo happy, but he's only just started sleeping thought at 18months so I hear you on being tried! He was poorly the other night (fine in the morning, very weird) but since he's been waking up at 3am just to check i'm okay, or so it seems. He's not upset but will not get back into bed until I've gone to check on him. He's totally a mama's boy!

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    Default Re: Anyone got a plan for how long? :-)

    My goal was 2.5 years, but since I got pregnant at 22 months I figured anything past 2 was cool. He's doing fine though still.

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    Default Re: Anyone got a plan for how long? :-)

    No plan, just until whenever I guess. I can't really say whats too long, I'll have to see when we get there.

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    Default Re: Anyone got a plan for how long? :-)

    My goal was a year - but he'll be three next month and has NO desire to stop.
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    Default Re: Anyone got a plan for how long? :-)

    I hope to have him night weaned at 18 months. As for daytime, I plan to let him self wean his daytime nursing sessions.

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    Default Re: Anyone got a plan for how long? :-)

    My older daughter self-weaned at 2 1/2. I thought #2-my son-would likely wean around then as well. No. He turned 4 in April-still nursing. I asked him the other day when he thought he would stop nursing. He paused the said "maybe 6 or 7." I am also nursing #3-daughter (18 months). I think my son will wean when she weans-pretty funny. I am just taking it all in and enjoying ever moment. I'd love sleep but am not ready to night wean.

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