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    My son is nine weeks old and he's been nursing like a pro right from the beginning. He's been diagnosed with colic and reflux and nurses ALL the time. Usually it's the only thing that will stop the crying, so it's not unusual for me to spend hours in the rocking chair with him latched on, nursing and dozing. I don't think that I have OALD, since he's never had a problem nursing, if anything he seems to like it too much, and I'm leaking constantly. I buy breast pads as often as I buy diapers and it's just so frustrating. They fill up every hour or so and just start leaking... and when I'm nursing on one side, the other one is gushing, I wake up in the morning and if the breast pad has shifted in the night, I'm drenched. I remember leaking with my daughter in the beginning but not like this... Anyone have any advice? Or at least an idea on how long it's going to last?

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    Hi Mama,

    Your leaking, colic, and reflux symptoms may all be related. It sounds like you may have oversupply. DS may be able to keep up with the flow of milk, but he may be getting too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk. When that happens, your breasts feel full all the time, you have a lot of leaking, and your baby may have colic/reflux symptoms. Some other possible signs of oversupply include plugged ducts/breast infections in the mother, and green, runny stools in the baby.

    Are you switching breasts half-way through a feeding? You might want to try sticking with just one breast per feeding and seeing if that helps your situation. If you are already taking the one-breast-per-feeding approach, you could try limiting ds to the same breast for a few hours, a practice known as "block feeding". Start with one breast per every two hour period of time. If that still doesn't solve the problem, increase the time period gradually, up to six hours, until it seems that your supply is equal to your baby's demand.

    You will want to keep a couple of things in mind while you try this. The first is to pay attention to how your breasts feel and prevent engorgement, which can lead to plugged ducts and breast infections. If the side you are not currently feeding on starts to feel full, you can hand express or pump, just until you are comfortable again. Many moms with oversupply find it simplest to lean over the sink and gently massage their breasts until they get a letdown, and just leak into the sink until the letdown subsides. This also works in the shower, or into a cloth diaper.

    The second thing to think about is, of course, to make sure that baby is still getting plenty to eat...so keep an eye on baby's pees and poos.

    Hopefully, within a couple weeks, you won't be buying breastpads so often, and you will have a happier baby.

    Please do keep me posted as to how things are going for you, and let me know if there is anything more I can do to help.

    Take Care,


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