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Thread: How do I control the OS when pumping?

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    Default How do I control the OS when pumping?

    I started back to work 2 weeks ago and pump 2Xs in an 8 hour period. I am able to get around 15 ounces total. My baby is 14.5 weeks and only takes about 10 ounces each day. I know the oversupply can be a good thing for stocking up the freezer but, the problem is, on the weekends when I am able to nurse her...she doesn't want to because the spray is over whelming her. Most times she doesn't even want to try and I am sure that this is the problem.
    How can I fix this? Should I stop pumping so much? Just pump what she eats so that it will adjust itself? If I do that then how long should I expect it to take to fix itself? I am already battling nipple confusion and believe that the OALD and OS is the culprit. I actually think that my flow is faster than the nipples she is using!
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    Default Re: How do I control the OS when pumping?

    I am sure someone will come along with some great advice on this because I certainly am no expert with this stuff. But I wanted to share with you that I have read a few times that for women with a large supply it is best to pump a little out before nursing so that your LO will be able to latch on better and not be so overwhelmed with a fast flow of milk. Hope this helps.

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