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Thread: So, I continue to block feed, right?

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    Default So, I continue to block feed, right?

    Hello ladies,

    I've been block feeding now for probably about a week, and just in the past day or two, it really seems like my milk supply has reduced. You'd think this was a good thing, since I was dying from engorgement before, but now I worry that I'm losing my supply all together! Someone tell me I'm wrong. DS still has good diaper output--plenty of wet ones, and at least 3 poopy diapers a day (but usually more). Now, my question is do I continue to block feed for as long as I'm bf'ing? I'm using 3 hour blocks, and it seems to be working great (actually maybe a little too great--I also pump for my 23 mo, and I find that I haven't been getting all that much by pumping for him anymore...)? I know this is probably a dumb question, but I'd hate to learn that block feeding is only used to reduce your supply, then you go back to one breast per feed or something...

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    Default Re: So, I continue to block feed, right?

    There really is no "right" answer, but often times block feeding is only a short term thing. It is used to reduce supply and once your supply is back to where you think it should be, you can stop the block feeding. With my oversupply I started with 2 hour blocks which were increased to 6 hour blocks Once I felt that my supply was under control I went back to 2 hour blocks for a day or so and then I began offering one breast per nursing session. My doc told me (which I think is awesome advice) that one breast is dinner and the other is dessert. Sometimes dinner is enough and sometimes you may want dessert. The most important thing is that your baby empties one breast before you offer the second. And for what it's worth, my ds is nearly 13 months and he's always (since my oversupply at around 2 ish months) only nursed on one breast unless there was a growth spurt I really think that part of my oversupply problem was because I followed the advice of a nurse and switched breasts every 10 minutes in the beginning

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    Default Re: So, I continue to block feed, right?

    Jenn your answers are so full of good information. I am going to give like a 2 sentence answer

    I stopped with block feeding when I noticed the same thing punky. I went straight from 12 hour feeds to switching breasts every feeding. (Actually for a day or two my supply was so low I had to switch frequently during feedings.) Glad to hear your supply is under better control !
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    Default Re: So, I continue to block feed, right?

    What great advice. I was actually wondering the same thing because I am block feeding as well. Thanks!

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    Default Re: So, I continue to block feed, right?

    My ds is 20 months old and still nurses on one breast at a time. But now he can pretty much tell me which one he wants. schmommy's answer was excellent!

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