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Thread: tired of feeding her the same foods

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    Default tired of feeding her the same foods

    My DD is 13 mo I asked the pediatrician for nutritional guidance and his advice, babies don't over eat feed her whatever she wants. Not very helpful. I am more of a clinical person and wanted a more definative answer I guess. Any help or ideas please.

    She only has 3 front bottom teeth and I knw they can chew like that but she has a hard time with meats and fruits or maybe she just doesnt care for them.

    She doesn't really like to eat fruits and veggis that are fresh. How do I encourage this. We did puree's because she had a hard time with choking so our pedi said not to do BLS. Now I can't get her to self feed anything but waffles, pancakes, bread or crackers, banana, earth's best chicken nugget, sometimes green beans or carrots but only a few at a meal, and CHEESE. And of course all those little Gerber melting yogurts and puffy things. Loves cheese will eat that until she can't eat another bite I think. During a meal when she finds a food she likes she will self feed that and nothing else. When that pile is gone says more more more won't touch the other foods. Then we resort to purees so she gets some of the other food groups.

    Any advise?
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    Default Re: tired of feeding her the same foods

    I'd try to get to a nutritionist if your insurance covers it ... thats always (well usually) a great resource.

    in the interim check out dr sears site and search picky eaters
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    Default Re: tired of feeding her the same foods

    as long as what your eating is healthy its ok to give it to baby.
    try writing things down I bet she is eating way more then you think she is.
    I agree with number4 dr sears has great info on feeding toddlers.

    Try not to worry, she knows what to eat.
    and as long as she is nursing well 3-4 times in 24 hours you don't have to worry about milk subs.

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    Default Re: tired of feeding her the same foods

    I was in the same situation with my LO not taking to self-feeding like so many of his other friends. Finally at 15 mo. (DS is 17 mo. now) it was like the light came on and he started to WANT to feed himself more.

    We have always fed him basically what we eat, even if it is pureed. I just throw everything in the food processor. Manicotti, mac and cheese, veggie soups, casseroles, steamed veggies, etc. You get the point. I also found that he really liked the flavors of what we were eating, MUCH more so than bland foods. LOVED lobster bisque, grilled salmon, broccoli cheese soup - people I know think its funny that a LO had a sophisticated palate. Their kids are eating only hotdogs and pizza.

    Just keep with it. Keep offering her things, especially what you are eating. Let her get the hang of feeding herself what she likes. I would try things that you might not even think she would want. Kids really surprise you sometimes!
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    Default Re: tired of feeding her the same foods

    Here is something that I did to help my LO eat more veggies...i would crush some cherrios into a powder and take the veggies and roll them in the cherrio dust...it disguised the veggies or somehting because she ate them. I also used this for slippery foods.
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